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Julie Quinlivan, Sydney, Australia
Mijke Lambregtse-vd Berg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Editorial Board

Y. Benyamini – Tel Aviv, Israel
J. Bitzer – Basel, Switzerland
C. Brezinka – Innsbruck, Austria
S. Brown – Parkville, Australia
B. Chalmers – Kingston, Ontario, Canada
D. da Costa – Montreal, Canada
R.J. Edelman – London, UK
F. Facchinetti – Modena, Italy
J. Fisher – Melbourne, Australia
M. S. Hunter – London, UK
H. Kentenich – Berlin, Germany
A.L.M. Lagro-Janssen – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
C. Maggioni – Milan, Italy
L. McGowan – Leeds, UK
D. Merari – Tel Aviv, Israel
A. A. W. Peters – Leiden, The Netherlands
J. Rademakers – Utrecht, The Netherlands
M. Rauchfuss – Berlin, Germany
B. Rizk – Mobile, Alabama, USA
H. Spiby – Nottingham, UK
D. Smith – Leeds, UK
D. E. Stewart – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
B. Strauss – Jena, Germany
H. W. van Lunsen – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
K. Wijma РLinköping, Sweden

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Welcome text by the new President, Mechthild Neises Rudolf

September 17, 2022 4 minutes

The beginning was a very emotional moment, the handing over of the it-piece – the gavel – with its long tradition of successful presidencies. I would like to take this […]

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Latest news on situations of conflict

March 9, 2022 1 minute

In war and other situations of conflict, care for women and children is especially vulnerable and reproductive rights will be violated. Obstetric and gynaecologic care is more difficult under these […]

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20th ISPOG conference rescheduled to 13-16 July 2022

December 9, 2021 1 minute

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic is not only influencing the topic of our conference, but also makes a date change necessary. The new dates for the 20th ISPOG congress […]

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